Will this CPU fit my mobo

Soory ive looked everywhere for a guide on how to see what cpu's fit your motherboard but cannot find one.

my mobo is Cuba MS-7031

i want to get Intel® Pentium® Processor E6700
(2M Cache, 3.20 GHz, 1066 FSB)

and do you think it is a decent processor for gaming (i already have a top range graphics card)
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  1. Hello prestana;

    Your MSI MS-7031 motherboard is socket 478 and the Pentium E6700 is socket 775.
    They are not compatible.
  2. my socket is 775

    i am %100 sure of this
  3. What CPU do you have installed now?
  4. intel core 2 duo e6400
  5. Did you ID the motherboard incorrectly?
  6. intel core 2 duo e6400
  7. Sorry my mother board is Cuba MS 7301
  8. What make and model is your system?
  9. OEM motherboard for a Packard Bell
  10. Packard Bell Imedia 9668
  11. Pentium E6700 is a Wolfdale 45 nm CPU and you're only options are the Conroe series 65nm CPUs for that motherboard.
    C2D E6700 or XE6800 would be examples
  12. so any cpu that is 775 socket and 65 nm will work with my motherboard?
  13. Looking at the E6400 (2.13) to E6700 (2.66Ghz) upgrade:
    Performance improvement would be very minimal.
    It's too much of a sideways move to recommend.
  14. i was told the e6700 was 3.2 ghz
  15. I'm checking to see if any of the C2Q (like Q6700 2.66Ghz) will work with that board.
  16. Pentium E6700 Wolfdale 45nm is 3.2 ghz
    Core 2 Duo E6700 Conroe 65nm is 2.66Ghz
  17. so back to my previous question;
    so any cpu that is 775 socket and 65 nm will work with my motherboard?
    i believe this would be correct?

    sorry lol i am no good with computers
  18. You would think so - but it's not always the case.
    It's best to find a list of CPUs a specific MB will support.
    Or find someone who has that motherboard and successfully used the new CPU.
  19. this is very hard to find -.-
  20. It's usually not this hard.
    Have you run across any PB support or community forums?
    I think that's your best option. Find out what other Cuba MS 7301 motherboard owners are doing for upgrades.
    I suspect the upgrade for a Q6700 would need a BIOS update and I can't find any sites for that.
  21. could you suggest a good cpu for gaming that is likely to fit my motherboard as i am seriously confused!
  22. C2D E6700 2.66Ghz Conroe or C2D X6800 2.93GHz Conroe for certain.
    But again - you wouldn't really get a that good a boost in performance.
  23. will these be able to play games like skyrim/ rage on a decent graphical setting?
  24. With what GPU?
  25. no i have not downloaded yet.... i wanted to upgrade my cpu first so i could play it on the highest setting
  26. Going from E6400 to X6800 isn't going to let you move up from Medium to Ultra settings.

    Go ahead and get the game. Run it on Medium with your E6400/GT 550Ti and it should run smoothly. Test with the High graphics settings and see what you get.

    If you're not happy with that performance it's probably time to look at a full system upgrade.
  27. I am only 16, so asking my parents to suddenly spend £600 on a new commuter realy is not going to happen.

    would over clocking help?
  28. Overclocking is your best option if the motherboard allows.

    Don't sweat upgrading. Just get the game and enjoy it.
  29. Thank you so much for your help

    You've honestly helped me so much
    ive been searching the internet for like 2 months and you've answer 98% of my questions in less than a hour.

    God bless you.
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