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Good day, i just want to ask what is the difference of the recently release 5850's by sapphire? i just notice that the some have different PCB layout. The first ive seen has a shorter PCB and the PCIe connectors are on the bottom of the card and the other design has a longer PCB and the PCIe connectors are on the upper part?
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  1. its just sapphire's attempt to unload some older(but still valid) chips....technology over time shrinks....so that should be no surprise.....i believe they come at a fairly cheap price too dont they???......could be worth it if you already have one and you want to crossfire it....otherwise it may be prudent to just pick up a 68xx card for the same price
  2. Agree with the gentlemen above. Unless you are crossfiring an existing 5850 its time to move onto something newer. They arent a bad choice in the scheme of things, but why... If you are an AMD fan (and I do have 5850's crossfired), look to the 69xx family.
  3. what i have notice when i've checked the 6790 it has the same PCB. does this mean they've use a PCB of a 6790 and used a 5850 chip?
  4. Quote:
    6900 series arent a major improvement over a 5800,
    performance wise, a 6870 will beat a 5850, but 5850 will be faster than a 6850 in non DX11 situations.

    but like the others said, get a 6900 or 6800, unless u wanna CFX, I doubt u can still find 5850 extreme anyways, stocks are depleted almost everywhere I look,

    I asked this question because i have this 5850 xtreme and was worry that it might have the same chips used on a 6790 because i have read some reviews and said that the 6790 have bin chips?
  5. I don't believe there were/are two versions of the Sapphire HD5850 Xtreme. There was the HD5830 Xtreme which is a larger card if that's what you are referring to.
    I'm not sure what the HD6790 has to do with anything.
  6. here is a sample of the 5850 xtreme this is the one that has the big box

    here is a 6790 back PCB

    source is from hardwareheaven
  7. @jyjjy
    sorry. here, i corrected the picture

  8. The box on the left is for the HD5830, says it right on the box. The larger PCB indicates such as well as I said earlier. You can double check with GPU-Z;
    If it only states the series of the card the HD5830 should have 1120 shader units while the HD5850 has 1440. If it is indeed an HD5830 and you were supposed get an HD5850 then return if you can.
  9. here is my GPUz screenshot

  10. heres another, if you'll look on this picture of the new 5850 xtreme the shroud is shorter

  11. Trust GPU-Z. It says you have the right number of shaders/ROPs and the correct core and memory speeds for an HD5850. Don't worry about it.
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