Do i need to upgrade my PSU?

Hello, i got one of them crappy Acer X3400 PC with the Micro Tower.

I dont want to upgrade my case but i want to know if i should deffo upgrade my Power Supply Unit because....

I have brought a PCI-E Geforce GT 430 nVidid graphics card, my power supply unit is 220watt should i upgrade it as it says recommended 300watt or more?

if i do need to upgrade suggest me a cheap power supply unit?

Funny enough i am a game developer student but i want to be sure...
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  1. Yes you want to upgrade. Whats your budget and we can make a specific suggestion. Although this one is a really good deal right now.
  2. You don't need to upgrade to a more powerful PSU for the GT 430. It gets all its power from the PCIe slot, and that slot is spec'd to provide 75W. While it's always better to have more PSU than you need, you can still use your existing PSU for that card.
    Here is a PSU calculator for future PSU upgrading:
  3. So i should be okay with my psu then?
  4. crampy92 said:
    So i should be okay with my psu then?

    Yes. And here's another thing... if you do ever have more card than your PSU can power, you will simply experience a re-boot or a shut down when the PSU can't keep the voltages up to spec. Aggravating, but not something that will do damage.
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