Router increasing ping times

Got a new wireless N router from Cisco free with windows 7 family pack and replaced my old linksys wireless G router and now my Ping times have increased.

I connected WITHOUT the router and used a speedtest site,


Ping 27ms
DL speed 20.60mbps
UL speed 1.83mbps

Ping 36ms
DL 17.20 mbps
UL 1.90 mbps

Los Angeles
Ping 31ms
DL 21.31 mbps
UL 1.91 mbps

DL 5.32 mbps
UL 1.62mbps

Then I reconnected the router and ran the tests again

Ping 300ms
DL 12.80 mbps
UL 1.86 mbps

Ping 306
DL 6mbps
UL 1.86 mbps

Ping 310
DL 5.67 mbps
UL 1.84 mbps

Ping 498
DL 4.98 mbps
UL 1.71 mbps

I am using a Cisco Valet M10 Wireless N router.

Can someone tell me why i'm getting 56k ping with this router? I've tried changing the cables, tried all 11 channels and tried all the settings for mixed mode, wireless N only, wireless G only etc.

Can this be fixed or is this router just a POS? or am I just missing something. I'm far from being an expert with networking. Help please!

edit* Almost forgot, my PC is using a wired connection to the router.
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  1. Have you tried plugging in your computer into the back of the router directly and not testing it over the wireless? Just eliminates some possible overhead there and helps narrow down where the issue maybe. I'm not saying it's normal for wireless, just saying it's something you can do to try to zero in on exactly where you need to troubleshoot.
  2. I'm not using wireless for this PC, It is wired to the router. Everything works perfect without the router. Makes no sense how plugging in the router gives me 300+ ping when I have 20-30 ping without a router.

    I use wireless for Nintendo Wii and a second PC which is worse off then this one because of the wireless. I was getting over 800 ping refreshing the server list in Counter Strike Source with the wireless one, and sometimes the server list disappeared completely because of connection problems.
  3. A poor-performing connection can be caused by broadband router configuration issues, wireless interference, or any of several other technical issues with your home network.

    A broadband router can be responsible for slow Internet connections if configured improperly. For example, the MTU setting of your router will lead to performance issues if set too high or too low. Ensure your router's settings are all consistent with the manufacturer's and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) recommendations.

    Internet worms could also slow down the network. When routers, modems or cables fail, they typically won't support connections. To troubleshoot potentially faulty equipment, temporarily re-arrange and re-configure your gear while experimenting with different configurations, it is best to note it down.

    Well you did try other configuration I guess maybe your router is defective the only way to verify this is to try another router.
  4. Well, I am so frustrated now. I really hate computers as I lack the technical skills. I usually have to resort to trial and error and hope for the best and I usually have one problem turn into many.

    A week ago I told Linksys Easy Link Advisor to block my mom's laptop wireless as an intruder so I could clean install windows 7 for her while she visited and was using a wired connection instead to download updates. Then inadvertently removed her PC from the list and couldn't figure out how get LELA to find it again to unblock it once i was done, so I unplugged the old router and installed the new one I got free with windows 7 family to bypass my problem.

    Then I decided since the new router was wireless N, I would upgrade another PC's wireless G to N because supposedly it's faster then G and my nephew wants to be able to play CS:S, so I bought a wireless N USB adapter, uninstalled the wireless G PCI card and after hours of trying to get it to work it turns out the N adapter isnt compatible with windows 7. I tried all the drivers I could find for it. So I reinstalled the old G adapter and while trying to figure out why I was getting 800 ping in CS:S I figured out the wireless N router was causing the high 56k ping.

    So I removed the wireless N router to fix my problem, since it doesn't look like I will find a solution for it anytime soon. I reinstalled my old linksys WRT54G which fixed my ping problem... but the wireless PC refused to find the access point for the linksys G router and even though I removed the cisco valet, LELA continued to see it as the only router in the network. No option to remove that router from the list and no way to see the router I just connected.

    After hours of trying to fix it using the repair network thing, I had to take the wireless PC to the router and wire it to get it to recognize the WRT54G and remove the cisco valet as the default router, then I somehow broke the internet connection to my wired computer and the router wouldnt let me log in to check the settings, I kept getting an error.

    After a long time trying to figure it out I finally shutdown my PC and that somehow fixed it even though rebooting didnt. Finally got the wired internet connection to work and the wireless connection was fixed shortly after.

    Now I have come full circle. Started with wireless G, ended with wireless G and now there is several hours of my life i'll never get back.

    Was really looking forward to wireless N too, for gaming especially since using a wired connection to all PC's isnt practical for me.

    I think I'm cursed or just have really bad luck.
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