Need retention bracet for Dell 570 motherboard

I need a retention bracket for a Dell 570 motherboard. Since it is a little wider than normal, I wonder what would work. Is there anyone with a 570 that could help me out here? Thanks.
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  1. Hey,

    I have an i570- the cooler thing was a bit confusing at first. As it turns out, the motherboard is designed to hold a CPU cooler that fits the Intel 775/1155 pattern. So, any heatsink that comes with its own backplate and says it fits an Intel 775/1155 processor is going to be fine.

  2. Thank you very much for the do you secure the motherboard??
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    I just reread the question you first asked and now am curious if you were asking about securing the board to a case, or a cooler to the board...

    If you're talking about securing it inside a new case, it actually uses standard mATX mounting points. Any case that lists micro ATX (mATX) capability will have the correct spacing to simply screw the board into place.

    If you are talking about adding a new cooler, unless it comes with spring-pressure screws as a securing mechanism, you'll need to remove the mobo from the case, remove the old cooler, carefully pry free the old bracket, replace it with the provided new cooler's backplate, install the cooler, then secure the board back inside the case. This sounds worse than it really is.
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  5. Okay, it is the heatsink then..thanks.. that really takes care of that question I had..
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