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ok i im planning on purchasing a gtx 570 for my system even after reading the psu guides im still not certain my psu can support the card.
Here is the link to my psu
If it matters my cpu is amd anthlon 7750 duel core
i know the card comes with a 2x 4pin molex to pcie adapter which i have open cables for but im
unsure if this will work.
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  1. no it won't work, also the 570 a huge waste of money for your system since your cpu is so old.

    You should buy something like a 6770.
  2. Ok thank you for your help and the card is the first purchase towards a upgrade i just wish to use it in this system intil i can get the mobo and cpu i want
  3. well you should get a new PSU as well, the one you have only has 29A down the 12v combined, to safely use the 570 you'd need a minimal of 35A, would be good to be higher rather than lower.
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