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Title Says it all. I going to make a new build in November for around 1000$ and thinking about getting a gtx 570. Should I wait or stick to the GTX 570? The new Graphics Cards will also have the new 28nm design, better cooling, noise etc. Im going to put up a poll, but you can comment if you want to.
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  1. Without knowing what rig you're coming from, why you are putting together a new build, and what you will use it for . . . no opinion.

    If gaming is your thing, and your gaming is lousy now, building now (or in November) with (eg) a 570 may be the best use of money. If you don't need to build now . . . well, you don't need to build now :)

    Better to ask this question in October :)
  2. If you're waiting until November, then I'd wait a little longer for the new series. But it's like Twoboxer said, what you're running now would be a big factor if I were making the decision.
  3. I see little sense in buying one part now for a build that won't come together for another 3+ months. Also, you may find you still want a GTX570 then. The 570's price should drop when it's replaced by its successor. If AMD beats nVIDIA to the release punch and introduces a better card at an equal or lower price than the 570, nVIDIA would be forced to drop its prices to stay competitive.
  4. Right now Im running a 5850.


    Sapphire 5850 xtreme

    500gb hdd

    AMD phenom ii x2 545 with amd stock cooler

    4gb ddr3 ram

    Asus M4N68T-M V2 Micro ATX motherboard

    So yeah the reason I'm aiming for November because it's my birthday month and Battlefield 3 is coming out around that time. Also, Im buying all the parts at the same time. I just gotta plan ahead of time a bit. Its only 3 months away.
  5. Im also running at 1920x1080
  6. I'm waiting... I have a 2600k with a GTS450(yeah laugh), so a replacement there is way overdue. With that said, I play all my games decently at 1900x1080 and although I'd love to buy something now...the longer you wait, the better cash/performace you will get out of your product.

    If by mid-october they haven't announced a release date, I'd pull the trigger and get something good out of what's available.

    Just my 2cents
  7. I'll guess I'll wait for the 7000 series! I was going to wait for the 600 series, but its around Q1 and its too late by then. 7000 series is coming out around Q4, I just hope amd won't fawk up their drivers :D
  8. Im either getting a 7970 or 7950..
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