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Dead system - need help - not sure which component

Hello all,

First of all, here are my specs:

i7 950 3.07 1366 CPU
MSI x58m (MS-7593)
8 GB Kingston DDR3 Dual channel
OCZ ZS Series 750w PSU
GeForce GTX 460 1GB (x2, SLI)
Antec 900 case

Additional Notes:

-PSU was replaced from a faulty one last night.
-Antec 900 case was purchased last week
-GPU's tested in another system - both are working
-RAM tested in another system - working
-Case tested against another system (linked my case's power switch to the other system's motherboard) - works.
-Tested another functional case against my system (to try to power my motherboard) - failed
-Cleared CMOS - failed

My configuration worked flawlessly after switching to the Antec 900 case and the PSU posed no prior problems. I attempted to install a Lamptron FAN-ATIC 5 Port military switch baybus to control my case fans. I had sucessfully connected all the fans using LP4 to TX3 adapters (the baybus was TX3 and my case fans were LP4 molex). Everything was connected and I switched two fans into 12V mode on the switch, and my system died. I removed the switch, returned everything to it's previous configuration and no change. Thought my PSU was the issue, brought it in, had it tested, it was faulty, and got a new one. Installed the new PSU, however the problems remain.

After trying the new PSU I attempted to isolate each component, however I can not test my motherboard or processor in any other ways.

There is a power button on my motherboard that lights up green when I plug in my PSU, however I can not get the system to start.

My next course of action is to buy another 1366 motherboard and test it with my processor which I hope is not ruined. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If the PSU was faulty and it was replaced but the problem still remains my next guess would be that when the PSU died it took hardware with it. The only thing to do is to start testing every piece one by one starting with the PSU. I know it was replaced but you want to make sure you didn't get a dud from the factory. Replace it if possible with a known working PSU then go onto the motherboard until you find the problem.
  2. Remove cmos battery then power on, if system works fine ,change cmos battery
  3. CMOS battery removed, replaced, still no power what so ever. Also, the PSU is functional. Not sure what to do at all...
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    remove cmos battery .It clean bios settings and go back to orignal settings.

    Stop with the double posts. And if you actually read the post you would see he tried clearing CMOS.

    OP sounds to me like your motherboard got fried. To be sure though try all these steps. Sounds like you have tried most of them.
  5. Thanks anort3 for the forum link, and I had done everything applicable on that list, however still no results. Short of acquiring a volt meter, I am at a loss and have determined that it is either my motherboard or processor.

    Quick question - will a computer start with a burnt or bad processor (ie: will I get a BIOS flash, or at least some kind of power through the system)?

  6. I do not think it would post with a fried CPU. I believe the board has to initialize the CPU before it will POST.
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