Need Help to find Good/Affordable gaming Motherboard, and RAM

Hello all! Thanks for answering or suggesting to my question in advance. I've decided to upgrade the guts of my computer this Christmas. This is my first upgrade that I'm doing myself. I am having trouble finding a mother board to go with my chosen processor, which is, the Intel® - Core™ i5-2500K Quad-Core 3.3GHz Processor . I've decided I want to go with Intel this time around. I am looking for a good/affordable gaming motherboard to go with this processor in a full tower case. I'm sure I can find some RAM for it once I have found the motherboard that I can use. The budget for my motherboard is probably about 130 bucks max. Any suggestions and links will be greatly appreciated , and even tips on my first build! Thank you again in advance for helping me with this dilemma! :)
-Best Wishes!
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  1. Why are you not getting an I5 3570K instead of 2500K?

    This board is awesome for its price, good overclocker with quality caps :
  2. Is that the better processor @ Novuake? Because its actually cheaper than the processor I'm thinking of getting, but again like I said I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to the more technical sides of computer mechanics and such, but thank you for that motherboard suggestion! Just saved it to a wish list! , also went ahead and saved the I5 2500k processor you mentioned , could you help me understand a bit more about the processor or motherboard for that matter before I get it? Lol. Thanks again! :)
  3. The I5-3570K is Ivy bridge. The newest range form intel, its a bit better than the 2500K, it uses less power. Also gives you native USB 3 and PCI-E 3.0 support.

    Get the I5-3570K, its better.

    What would you like to know?
  4. Oh cool, just looked at the i5-3570k It's only about 15 bucks more over all, so i'll probably go with that on your recommendation with the motherboard you suggested as well. Well this will be my first time replacing major components besides just a video card and power supply and dvd drive lol. Any tips!? haha. I'm pretty much using my computer for online gaming, but really don't want to mess with overclocking and stuff just yet.
  5. Overclocking is easy, but don't worry too much. Do it when you need the performance.

    Tips uhm, lol there is not much I could tell you that is not obvious.
  6. Haha gotcha, well thank you for the help! I will be getting all this a little after Christmas before I go all mad scientist on my computer. I'm going to try and get the processor and motherboard through best buy so I have a place to physically return it to , and not have to wait weeks on end to see if I can get stuff replaced if it arrives dead . I know that seems to happen a lot with builders.
  7. Not really but if you prefer it that way to be safe. Its fine. I do the same.
  8. Well I mainly want to get the processor from Best Buy, simply because there is one about 20 minutes away from here. Having family getting me the other components for Christmas so those can be ordered a couple weeks in advance and be here for presents, but I just mainly want to be able to go out and grab my processor when I'm ready to put everything together haha, but thank you very much for all the info!
  9. Its a pleasure, enjoy.
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