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Firwstly here are my specs

I7 2600k cpu
Asus P8Z68-v LX motherboard
Gigabyte gtx 590 graphics card

TV Samsung Full HD 3D TV 8000 series (newest model)

I would like to connect my TV to PC using only HDMI. I have tried but my tv will not recognise it. I have an HDMI outlet on my mother board. Do I use that or do I have to get a DVI to HDMI converter and plug that into my graphics card?

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  1. Use the mini hdmi from your card to the tv.
  2. Is that the mini display port?
  3. No, mini hdmi.
  4. Use converter otherwise remove gpu590 then plug the tv in mobo
  5. Use converter otherwise remove gpu590 then plug the tv in mobo
  6. Use converter otherwise remove gpu590 then plug the tv in mobo
  7. If you want audio use mini hdmi.
  8. The GTX 590 doesn't have a mini hdmi? I only have 2 3 DVI ports and and the mini display port? Where do I find the mini hdmi?
  9. The hdmi port on your motherbd is for the integrated Intel video which is disabled because of your GTX590.

    You can use a "dvi to hdmi" adapter if your tv doesnt have an dvi port (my samsung does) and an audio cable
    If you want to game change, your graphics card to one with an hdmi port
    If you don't want to game, remove the GTX590 and use the onboard Intel video hdmi.
  10. minidisplay port does actually carry audio, look it up. It takes some switching of things in the control panel (switch it from Speakers to HDMI or Realtek HD audio), but it works. For Nvidia cards and most motherboard outputs. Macintosh models exempt from that though.

    Best bet:
    minidisplay port to hdmi cable
    minidisplay port to hdmi adapter, then hdmi to hdmi cable
    in the included accessories with GPU, find the dvi to HDMI adapter, then hdmi to hdmi cable.
    dvi to hdmi cable or dvi to dvi (if the tv has DVI), also you will need a headphone to headphone audio cable. Also your tv will need to have an input that accepts audio on one of the hdmi (or DVI) ports.
  11. Good to know, thanks Festerovic
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