What memory do I need?

I have an intel core i7 920, so its maximum ram speed is 1066mhz. It also uses triple channel, which is unusual. Currently i have 3x1gb, but that's not enough for what I want to do. I'm currently on XP 32 bit but will upgrade to windows 8 64 bit so the extra memory can actually be used. I would love to get 3x4gb, but 3x2gb would be okay if it were seriously cheaper. What memory should I get that would be compatible with my system? Links would be great.
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  1. specifically, is this what would be the most suitable for my setup?
  2. Don't worry about incompatable memory speed for the most part, as even a kit at a higher speed will still boot, just at 1066MHz and then you can manually up the speed to it's proper setting.

    Also what do you do with your system?, As 12GB is a bit much for things like gaming and web browsing, as if that's the case then you can find cheaper 6GB-8GB kits that will get the job done.

    Just from serching newegg for a few seconds i found this nice 6GB tri-channel kit with decent timings and a speed of 1333MHz for less then that 12GB kit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148508
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