Problems with D-Link DWA-556

Brace yourselves for a long story:
I -sadly- recently bought myself a D-Link DWA-556 wireless N adapter without knowing the torture and headaches that it would cause me in the future. I am using an Apple Airport as a router and, as I stated previously, the DWA-556 as the adapter. I am getting 2-3 bars of signal and, for a gamer, this is obviously a no-no. I tried calling TigerDirect (where I bought the adapter), they sent me to D-Link tech support. Then, D-Link blamed my Apple Airport and told me to call Apple tech support to change the channels on the router. After that, Apple said that they would help me if I pay up 50$, I disagreed. Long story short, I get crappy connection while being about 20 feet away from the router and I get disconnected from a ton of multiplayer games, so all I could do I surf the Internet at a slow speed

My question is, do I get a new wireless router, a new wireless adapter or both?

Also, if you could leave me a link to a good wireless N router/adapter model.
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