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Rate my first modding attempt 690 II

i decided i wanted a window in the side of my cm 690 II but the retail windowed version looked clunky so i thought i would have a go at doing it myself. what do you think?
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  1. Nice! :) What tutorial did you use? You should also add some cold cathodes to the build :)
  2. Nice window mod man,
    Now tidy those cables up and throw a pic or two into the members gallery :)
  3. Nice job!
    I like it alot better then the CM window version.
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    really awesome!

    It is stylish and let you keep with the side cooler.
  5. yeh i have ordered cable casing some led fans and a cold cathcode light set
    @amuffin: i didnt use a tutorial i just measured up where i wanted the window to be,
    cut it out with an angle grinder and rounded the edge off with a dremmel, i didnt use the uchannel to hide the cut edges as im a painter by trade i just resprayed the whole panel
  6. how much does a dremmel cost?
  7. im in aus and it was $150 ish
  8. ok so i did some tidying up and cot some led fans and a cathcode light (actually rewired a car one i already had to a molex conector :) saved me 20 bucks but the cool thing is i can now make it strobe :D
  9. Tasty :)
  10. good effort... my only gripe is that the corners dont completely match while some are round others are angular. but hey for what it is, it looks great... 9/10
  11. i did that on purpose all the 45 degree angles are rounded off then i just made the 2 other andgles sharper
  12. still it looks the business. and a great first effort... mine looked like it got run over by a bulldozer on my first attempt... :D
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