Help to pick the right memory

I am about to buy a i5-3570k and the asus z77 sabertooth motherboard.

Mobo :

However, I am not sure which memory to buy.
I want 32 Gbs of RAM but I'm not sure which one to buy since I know nothing about RAM. It will be a gaming pc.

Thanks !

I am considering buying 2 of these but I do not know if they are good or not.
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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. I see that the memory you suggested runs at 1600 but my motherboard says it supports the 1866 speed. If I pick a 1866, will it be faster or it won't make any difference ?

    Thanks again :)
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    The i5-3570k only supports 1600mhz, besides no performance improvement with 1866vs1600 better have the lower timings possible of the ram and 100 % compatibility.
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