Can GPU==CPU? If that's real, where to get GPU mobo and systems?

Hi all,
I have just heard somewhere in the world someone built a
supercom based on ONLY 5000 HD4870x2 GRAPIC CARD AS
CPU, and I remember that this supercom was 1st(now
perhaps 2nd) of the top 500.
Yesterday I discussed with my friends that GPUs had already
became CPUs!
But I still can't figure out the truth. However, if it was real, a
1TFLOPS 4870x2 as CPU can bring a HUGE BUDGET of gaming system.
Note that A SINGLE 4870 can compare MORE THAN 10 i7-990s!!!
So are there any friends know where I can get a GPU system?
THX. :pt1cable: :lol:
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More about that real mobo systems
  1. A GPU would make a very crappy CPU for a general purpose machine, its integer and serial performance is not very good, GPUs are very good at massively parallel performance but they lack the specialized hardware of a CPU necessary for good serial performance.

    Large quantities of GPUs are a great idea for super computers which are doing massive quantities of massively parallel computation, but not a useful idea for your average system where most of its workload is single threaded and serial.
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