M3A7700DE no boot

hey guys, i can't get this thing to boot at all, i've followed the guide on here for trouble shooting, followed all the steps and made sure the best i could but to no avail, nothing. i just get everything powering on and no display whatsoever.

i decided to pull all but the CPU/HSF and got 3 beeps for memory read/write fail. i tried a dimm in each slot and same problem as before, but i realized my video card is out... wouldn't i get a beep error code for no display with out an installed videocard? this leads me to believe that the board is dead. i've tried 3 CPU's (1st gen phenom, phenom ii x3 AND x4) all 3 couldn't get me results, and i know all 3 work cause they're fine in the computer where they belong.

any ideas? dead board, dead PSU? it's a 430watt thermaltake from best buy if that counts for anything.
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  1. If it's a new mobo I doubt its DOA. I'd clear CMOS and install one DIMM and the Vid card. Make sure you are using the appropriate port on your Vid card if it's multi-port.
  2. hmm, if i boot with just one DIMM in any of the four slots, the CPU fan speed doesnt fluxuate. when i put in the video card (which is a MSI Galaxy geforce 210 1gb) then the CPU fan speed is medium, low, medium, low. but still no display.

    shouldn't the mobo throw a beep code if there is no video card installed?
  3. You should be able to take the PSU back to Best Buy and have GEEK Squad check out the PSU. I'd bet that they would check it for free since you bought it there. At least that would give you an idea whether it is good or not.
  4. can anyone tell me if i'm supposed to get error beep codes for no video card installed? i get nothing with a DIMM installed and with just the CPU/HSF i get the 3 beeps for memory read/write failure.
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