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Hello im trying to install both a GPU and PSU, now while i was making room to put the GPU in i moved some of the unplugged wires from my PSU around, and something got hooked and i pulled just a lil and some really small and thin black wire came out, and when i say small and thin i mean like its small and its a really thin wire. It has a copper casing on the tip of the wire with a really really small square slot that it would slike into.
ill post a pic of it and if someone could tell me where it would go or if it even matters thatd be great.

It was part of the PC to begin with, not part of my PSU
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Post a pic, post a few pics - if there is any writing on the connector - get that in a pic. Get a picture of the bottom right corner of the motherboard. Likely the wire is from the front panel, probably to your power led. Also, what make and model (including version) of motherboard.
  2. I had full intention on posting a pic but my phone was dead n I wasn't going to wait for it to get a full enough charge, apparently the computer works fine, disk drive works, everything starts up n works just fine, installed the GPU and looks like the PSU is in all the right spots.
    Ill post a pic if I have time.
    I like the fast response though very nice.
  3. Yep, sounds like one of your led's probably isn't working, that's all. You may find that it doesn't bother you at all - shouldn't bother your computer.
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