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hi everyone, finished my first build 2weeks ago, doing the odd tweak here and there,no problims. did a auto clocking on my asus p8z68 mobo i52600k got 4.550GHz nice turbo. turned on computer today 24thjan and my turbo had stuck at 4.550GHz have reset to opmised defaults 3.40GHz and its stuck at full trottle, please help.
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  1. Hello LEDZEP01;

    Did you do a BIOS reset to defaults already?
  2. no not sure how to
  3. Asus P8Z68-V PRO model?
  4. asus p8z68-v/gen3, brain is burning have been looking at everything. i dont think i reset bios!
  5. Hi WR2, cleared rtc ram, reentered bios no luck, stuck at 34MHz, thanks for trying to help
  6. Are there programs running (possibly services in the background) that are causing it to run higher than idle?
    You might want to pop over into the Asus support forums and ask the question there.
    Someone might have seen a similar occurrence.

    For here, change the topic of your title to reflect the issue - 'i5 2600k stuck at 3.4Ghz' to see if you can get more eyes on the topic.
  7. will do that, again thanks for the help
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