What kind of laptop can i expect for approximately $900AUD and what should I get


So, im wanting to purchase a laptop. A work buddy of mine purchased a hp dv7 at the harvey norman 2-1 sale a few weeks back and i was rather impressed with it. Im not impressed enough to go purchase one for $1640 retail though. I've been looking on ebay.com.au and also at the HP website, and MSY for a suitable laptop.

I want something that will run WoW fairly well, and at a good fps. Im probably wanting to spend around $800-900. For that price id like but probably not get ~

500+GB HD
17.6inch laptop
Blue ray dvd burner
A decent graphics card
8GB ram

I might be seeking a little to much for what im willing to pay. I have no idea about graphics cards, or what id need to run WoW well. Here's some that i came across on ebay.com.au
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Im not wanting to run WoW on ultra or anything hardcore, but my old desktop runs @ like 20fps on low settings. Im only getting a laptop because A, Ill be travelling next year and will be easy to carry overseas, and B there just handier. Ive been reading and reading over the past two weeks and am still lost as to what i should i get. Most things ive read say get a lower range processor and spend more on a decent graphics card.
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  1. You can do much better.

    Did you see the Pavilion DV4-3029TX on msy?

    i5 2410m with HD6750M for $649

    Although they are only available in Slackcreek, QLD with only 2 unit left.

    I don't know where you are but if you are in QLD, check it out.

    Also check out the Lenovo ThinkPad E520:


    Default setup of i5 2520 with HD6630M for $679.15 purchase online from Lenovo with coupon code BULKONE15. Don't use the one Lenovo tell you to use. The one they provide only gives you 10% discount, the one I give you provides 15%.

    Bluray is difficult for that price range and also better cpu and gpu should be the priority. You can pay a bit more to get an i7 and 8GB RAM, but RAM upgrade is easy and getting them form msy or umart and put it in there for upgrade is cheaper. i7 is not essential because they don't offer the QM quad core ones as an upgrade option from Lenovo.

    If you are travelling a lot, you will not want a 17 inch laptop. A bit too big to fit into backpack.
  2. i using a dell 3750 (i7 2630qm, 6gb ram, 750Gb HDD) i got 6month ago for about $1200. but thats with a 40% discount. Actually I have seen Dell and HP doing big discount a number of times now so if you wait for it.

    I was originally wanting to get the hp7 which in my opinion was the better build with the AMD card. but HP didn't offer custom configure online and there wasn't the $500 discount at the time of purchase although I have seen one about a month before.

    few things I find with the 17.3" laptops are
    1. its one of the largest laptop you can get and as a result its heavier and less portable, but it is still more mobile then a desktop. Battery doesn't last as long as a smaller screen laptop.

    2. 17" laptop range are extremly limited. I have gone for the large screen so I can work on two windows side by side, if you just need normal laptop then a 15" would do well, there are also lot more choice.

    3.bare in mind i5 mobile cpu are all duo core while i7 are quad, you get twice the performance in multi threaded program. so you have to look at what program you use most often. I had a duo core laptop for years before this one and its still offers good performance in regular use.
  3. The best you can get with that money is a "Manufacturer refurbished " Dell on eBay, just make sure you get a real CPU, I mean no other than an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 Quad Core Mobile.

    Do a quick search on eBay with the following keywords: Dell (2720QM,2820QM) nvidia
    Make sure you check the search option "Include description"

    Remark: Several Dell Latitude 6420 and 6520 from Top Sellers even come with a 3 years Dell Hardware Warranty, even for the battery, but these are rugged business class systems, so they usually do not have a video camera.

    But if you insist on a huge 17" 1600x900 LCD with a decent video card, look for a Dell XPS 17, like this one:

    I just got a Dell Latitude 6420 and I am still amazed by such a great deal... these quads support Hyper-Threading, so you will see 8 CPUs under Task Manager. For me a 17" Laptop is too big, heavy and power hungry for my needs, but that is my personal preference.
  4. @zhihao50

    not all i7 are 4 core. Only the ones with QM at the end.


    If you decide to buy the DELL suggested by crosscountry, I suggest you call DELL Australia and DELL USA to resolve any issue on international warranty and tech support before buying. I was just helping another guy here on this forum and DELL refuses to provide tech support because there is a problem with DELL authenticating his purchase from ebay.


    Also, watch out for the bid, the price is going to go up once it is closer to the dead line. If it is over $1000 AUD (the cost of the laptop and shopping combined), then you will have to pay 10% GST.
  5. Thanks for all the replies so far!

    I havent seen the Pavilion DV4-3029TX on msy yet. To be honest i dont have the faintest idea of what differences a dv4, dv6, and dv7 would have.I was thinking about dropping from an i7 to something around an i5. To answer your question im located in Melbourne.

    What's the difference between the thinkpad e520, and e525? Im unsure above lenovo as brand. Most people have told me to stick to HP and asus.

    I could probably drop the 17.3" laptop and just stick with 15.6" because i will be travelling. The hp struck me well also because of the "Beats" audio sound.

    Im also unsold on dells, dont know alot about them but ill definitely look into them now.

    Also thanks Pyree for those little warnings about the %10GST

    Also how important is the difference of 5400rpm compared to 7200rpm for HDDs? I've also read that if your running 64bit windows you should have 8gb ram to get the most out of it is this correct?
  6. In contrary, I will avoid HP and DELL and stick with ASUS and Lenovo.

    The E525 uses AMD cpu. I think they are slower than the Intel cpu, so I wouldn't recommend them. But let me just check the benchmark to make sure of that.

    Edit: Just checked, the i5 2520m beat the A8-3500M in the majority of the cpu benchmark.

    The HDD 5400 vs 7200 is not the most important. They are slow, compared with SSD and HDD is easy enough to swap out after purchase. Where as the cpu is more difficult to change and gpu is impossible.

    8GB is a sweet spot in terms of the price per GB in laptop RAM as of now. 64 bit OS don't need 4GB or 8GB. Of course, the more RAM the better.

    Well, since the Lenovo is so much cheaper than your budget, I took the time to do some more window shopping online. Have a look at this one, closer to what you are willing to pay and the system is beefed-up to a quad core cpu with a gpu that is about 50% faster, but it is a 17 inch and the res is still 1366x768 so the screen quality wouldn't be too good.

  7. Why do you avoid HP?

    Id rather an intel cpu tbh i5 or i7 around 3ghz hopefully 4gb ram with the capability of going to 8gb.
    The GPU in that would run WoW well, and would be something id be going for but the laptops on skycomp cant be changed and have things added to it which sucks.

    Things that are important to me in a laptop, being able to run WoW on 50~ish fps on high atleast. Having good sound, 500gb HD, 4gb+ ram, and 15.6-17.3" screen. If the price of say 5400 compared to 7200 HDD is minimal id fork out the $50 difference or so. I have enough money to buy any laptop i want right now, but im saving for Europe so id only want to spend 900... $950 at most.
  8. If you are in Australia. For finding price on computer stuff, you best friend is www.staticice.com.au

    Has a lot of the prices listed from different shops in the database for price comparison.

    You just have to look out for the occasional Harvey Norman and JB Hifi sales, as well as DELL and Lenovo online special and coupon code which may be cheaper than what you find there because these shops are not listed.

    I avoid recommending HP and DELL because they don't have the best reputation on quality and after sales service compared with Lenovo and ASUS. But as you can see, since the HP laptop I recommend you meet the majority of your requirement and the price is right, I still recommend it.

    They are not terrible. The truly terrible companies are out of business already.

    aaronmarkrowe said:
    would be something id be going for but the laptops on skycomp cant be changed and have things added to it which sucks.

    I don't quite understand that bit. What do you mean by can't be changed and have things added to it which sucks?
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