onboard sound chip

I just built a duron system with a soyo k7vta board, and so
far everything has worked flawlessly.
That is except for the on board sound chip. When it plays
a windows game (the sims, for example), it sounds like part
of the sound is missing. Dos games on the other hand don't
give any sound at all.

Any ideas out there? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Onboard audio SUCKS unless it's made by creative or diamond. Get a new PCI sound card and give it up. If you think your having problems now, try playing a game with direct X.

    -MP Jesse
  2. I have the same mb and am using the onboard audio because, as we know by know, my MX300 won't work with the VIA/Win2k setup. As far as games, it works fine with Unreal Tourney. For you DOS games, make sure you have the legacy support enabled in bios. I have the legacy support disabled and thus haven't tried any DOS games.

  3. 1} make sure you have the latest drivers visit soyo website.

    2} make sure that your sound card is not sharing an irq with any other devices.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
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