Monitor connection broke off motherboard

monitor connection broke off motherboard
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  1. Then you have yourself a broken motherboard.

    I believe this connection could be soldered back onto the board, provided you know what your doing.

    Using a discrete GPU might also be a work-around.

    Otherwise you pretty much need to replace the board.
  2. I can't soder it back on. Is there a cheaper solution than replacing the motherboard
  3. Buying a PCI Graphics card might work. Get a second opinion first however, there might be other options.

    Adding a discrete GPU also depends on your PSU as to what your computer can accommodate.
  4. it cant be fixed, nt a chance sorry.

    i work in electronics and i had this problem once and this is one problem that wrecks the board :(

    if it sa dell or hp or something like that it shouldnt be hard to get a replacement, if not just by a bundle for around 200/250$£ Euro which ever and it will be better as a result anyway
  5. What is a discrete GPU ?. I have a compaq presario
  6. a dedicated GPU is basically a graphics card. You connect them via one of the PCI slots on your motherboard.
  7. Ok, I can use the video card to fix this problem. Do I have to worry about the BIOS, or will it reconize the card.
  8. BIOS should recognise the card.

    You'll be using a video output from the card so it shouldn't matter that the motherboard has broken.

    You need to make sure your motherboard has a PCI 2.0 slot though. It's unlikely, but depending how old it is, it could have AGP.

    Something like this is probably your best option: AMD 5450
    Nvidia 8400GS

    Link is to a UK supplier, but if your in the US check NewEgg or similar websites.

    Here are the specifications for the card. You need to make sure you have at least a 400w Power Supply too.
  9. Will this card work?

    Compaq NVidia TNT2 16MB AGP VGA Video Card 238955-001
  10. It depends if your motherboard has an AGP or a PCI slot.
  11. thanks
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