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Replace old I7 965 EE?

Hi folks, running a 3 yeard old I7 965 EE, and while i am by no means dissapointed with the chip i was curious whether or not an upgrade to the 990X is in order, how much of a performance boostare we talking about between the two?

Given that intel has apparently abandoned all of us who upgraded early to the X58 platform, should i just wait a year or two and see whether socket 2011 will stick around?

Any and all avice appreciated ^.^

Asus rampage 3 extreme
12 gb ddr 1600 mhz
gtx 580 black ops edition
I7 965 EE
Win 7 Ulti
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    Hello Tetsuiga;

    It's a full on gaming rig, right?
    I think you're instincts about waiting a bit longer before upgrades are good.
    No real reason for you to be upgrading now with that rig.
  2. I do some light encoding and processing in that regard, but the machine is mainly used for gaming ;p
  3. Overclock - Get another year of top notch performance out of the machine and in 2013 start afresh with Haswell.
  4. Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?
    Have you picked up a SSD boot drive yet?
  5. I just got my income taxes back in fact, so yes a bit of cash to burn, currently running a raptor for a boot drive, but and SSD does sound nice now that i think about it =D
  6. Your CPU is still in the top tier for gaming: THG: Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart

    I think you're better off upgrading with items you can carry forward into the next platform (like Haswell that deadjon mentioned).
    Besides a SSD a really awesome monitor would fall in that category.
  7. Makes sense to me, seemed silly to spend another 1k on a small boost lol, i may as well get some other goodies to carry over, thanks !
  8. Grab yourself a nice Mushkin Chronos Deluxe SSD, well worth the money
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