Help! Regarding Blackmagic Intensity Pro/Graphics Cards

Hello everyone,

I am new here and have 2 concerns and looking for some advice, Im not sure if I have posted this in the right section so excuse me if I have not.

My concern 1: I'm thinking about getting the BlackMagic Intensity Pro and Im not quite sure If my computer will be able to run/handle it?

My specs are:

Asus P5K Mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q6600
nVidia GeForce 8600GT (Looking to upgrade)
500Gb HDD (Looking for another HDD for recording, a faster HDD preferably)

My concern 2: Also, Im looking to upgrade my graphics card. I have looked on ASUS and the PCI slot is a PCI X16. Now Im not sure if thats 1.x or 2.0? Im looking into getting this one.

But im not sure if it will work. Im a newbie regarding computers so I dont really know a lot but any help or advice is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Your PCI slot on your motherboard will be a 2.0

    The graphics card you provided a link to will work. However, the 5450 is no better than the 8600GT and from what I found on a quick Google, the 8600GT is actually BETTER.

    Your motherboard also has the required PCIe Slot for the BlackMagic Intensity Pro. So yes it would work, but make sure to double check your PSU and the power requirements for the Intensity Pro and the graphics card. I can't imagine the Black Magic uses much, but its best to check first.

    Here are your motherboards specs:
  2. That's a relief I was starting to think that the PCI X16 was 1.x and it would limit me on graphics cards. Oh really?

    Well the one I have at the moment (8600GT) is 512mb graphics card so I thought the 2gb would be better wouldn't it? Or is that not the case? :)

    Also, do you have an idea if the BMI Pro would work well with my computer?

    EDIT: My PSU is a Corsair 520W Modular (Link to it below)


  3. I found this on BlackMagic's Support Site:

    There is a list of graphics cards that they have tested and they work with. basically, I want to get a graphics card that is cheapish but will be able to run the BMI pro stably without any lag. Any recommendations?

    Couldn't find an exact answer to what PSU will work well, but do you reckon mine would?

    Regards Kieran
  4. Your PSU should have more than enough power. 520w is enough to support most mid/high end GPU's.

    Here's a quick GPU comparison:

    For graphics card upgrades, this really comes down to your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a new card? Your motherboard can support pretty much any card you like. I would probably recommend try your current GPU first, if you find its laggy, then possibly consider an upgrade.

    The ATI Radeon HD 4650 is the cheapest card from that list I think. And should be considerably better than the 8600GT:
  5. Thankyou. You've been such a big help. well I dont really want to spend more then £60 if I can help it. Like I said I just want a card that will run it stable without any lag.

    Also, would I need a better HDD? Faster one? I read somewhere that a 5200rpm is not going to be quick enough.

    Is my Processor powerful enough too?


  6. HDD speed shouldn't matter. 5400rpm should be fine, after all, its only storing the data.

    Not to mention the incredibly high HDD prices currently due to the flooding that happened in Thailand.

    Unless there's a "minimum/recommend" requirements list for the BlackMagic....I'm really not too sure what it will require to work well, or work at all.

    I was using a HD PVR with my old computer and that had a very low dual-core spec. It worked just fine for streaming to my PC, recording, saving, editing ect. I really cant see that you would have any problems. Possibly check on the Black Magic forums - if they have some - and see what the recommendations on there are.

    If Google, nor forums throw up any useful info, send the company an email and just ask. I'm sure they would be more than happy to help since your considering buying one of their products :)

    £42 for the 4650

    Check Amazon, SCAN, ARIA for the best deals though, they may have something cheaper.
  7. Ah right! :) I thought it might be a factor to consider because of the data it will have to write per second. I think I read somewhere on Motion JPEG Compression it's about 0.9GB per minute.

    Hopefully I don't have any problems, I found out that the minimum RAM needed is 4GB and I have 4GB Patriot DDR2 so after knowing that, I dont want a graphics card with HyperMemory do I? As that takes system RAM if I'm correct?

    Thats a good price, think i will have to invest in one, I'll check other sites though as you have said see If I can find a better price. :)


  8. That data write seems incredibly high. Recording on highest HD PVR quality settings the raw h.264 file was only about 1GB for 10mins of video from what I remember. I can't imagine the Black Magic is almost 10x this amount. Even so a 5400rpm is "standard" for most computers and so shouldn't be an issue.

    Having a dedicated graphics card wont use system memory. The type of cards your looking at (ATI 4650) or whatever, all have dedicated memory so this again shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    I'll try and have a read into the Black Magic in a little more detail today. It's a product I looked at myself a while back but decided to go with the PVR due to having a "store built" PC and not feeling confident enough to install the BM myself. Thankfully, a couple of years on I actually work in IT now and things like that are an every-day task :)
  9. I'll see if I can find that post again. Im sure it said that though. Regarding Graphics I seen this one a little over budget I know but what do you think?

    I searched lower models like HD5970 (I think it was) and it was so expensive :O haha :D

    Also on BM's site it said and quote this

    'DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity:
    An accelerated graphics card is required for use with DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity cards. A motherboard integrated graphics card is not adequate and will not work properly.' Also, it needs a Texture Fill Rate of >22,000 MT/s.

    Thankyou, you been such a great help :)
  10. I've just looked at this video on YouTube

    For 32 seconds on MJPEG the file size was 539mb :O
  11. viKierannnx1 said:
    For 32 seconds on MJPEG the file size was 539mb :O

    Ouch. :sweat:

    The 6770 is a pretty damn good graphics card. It should EASILY be able to stream the BM Intensity.

    The BM Intensity says it needs 22,000 texture fill rate.
    The 4650 has: 25,000
    The 6770 has: 36,000

    Either card should be more than adequate. Your current 520w PSU is also still plenty powerful enough for this system so no need to upgrade there :)
  12. I know right, but that is the only solution I have to capture my games. As I used HDMI. :heink:

    Ill have to decide on what graphics but the file sizes have really put me off :/
  13. viKierannnx1 said:
    I know right, but that is the only solution I have to capture my games. As I used HDMI. :heink:

    Ill have to decide on what graphics but the file sizes have really put me off :/

    Is there no way to change the record settings?

    For example drop down from 1080p to 720p and drop down from 60fps to 30fps.

    This will make very very little, if almost any at all quality difference when uploading to youtube and will drastically reduce the file sizes.
  14. Well that video was in 720p 59.96 frames. The xbox only runs at that or 60 frames so my only option is that.

    Unless there is another way i have to stay at that
  15. Also, one final question to power the Radeon 4850 fan you need a 75w Pcie connector dont you? Does my PSU have one cant see to find out haha :D
  16. look into a 6670, it should run off of pcie bus power, meet your budget, and have enough power for the BMI.
  17. Sorry for late replies, but I want to thank everyone that has helped me with this. So I have decided on what I am going to be doing. Here it is.

    Im going for a Radeon HD4850 Graphics Card
    Going to get a better cooler for my CPU the Gelid Tranquillo (I think it's called that :D )
    Sticking with my 4GB RAM as Ive seen 8GB go for about £102 :O
    Sticking with my CPU

    Regarding Memory Usage of the Black Magic Intensity Pro, once the file has been made I will render it down to wmv so it should take less memory :)

    Thanks for all your help.


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