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So here are the components that i have chosen so far:

Motherboard: Maximus IV Extreme-Z RoG Edition (Z68)
Processor: Intel i7-2600k
Video Card: Evga Geforce GTX 580
PSU: Corsair Professional Series Gold 650w
RAM: ????? (Preferably Corsair 8gb)
Case: ????? (One with no dust problems)
SSD: Corsair Force Series GT 120GB
HDD: WD Caviar Green 2TB w/ Intellipower
CD/DVD Drive: Asus Internal DVD Burner

I prefer Corsair ram but i don't know which of the 3 series should i buy. I would like to have the dominator series especially the dominator GT series. Their won't be any problems with voltage compatibility since they got sticks with 1.5v. One more thing, what ram speed/frequency is the best? The manual says it supports DDR3 2200(O.C.)/1866(O.C.)/1600/1333 Hz. What will happen if i'll buy 2200 or 1866? How about the 1600 or 1333. They say the processor i have chosen supports 1333 only.

I would like a case that won't give me dust problems. I like coolermaster's haf series but there were dust problems reported. I wouldn't like to clean it every month. I would like to have the best case. Is the Thermaltake Level 10 GT. I read it has dust filters. It costs $200 in tigerdirect.

Thanks for helping out guys. Please recommend a set of ram and a case for me. I'm not that sure yet. Are my other components okay? I chose a Z68 motherboard so that i would be able to use the ssd caching. Is the video card okay or should i get the evga classified for $100 more. Thanks again :P.
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  1. I just built a rig and used G.Skill ram 16gb 1600 for $100 with no problems win7 recognized it right away. G.Skill claims it can be oc'd to some crazy high number with no problems, I can't vouch for that because I haven't tried. I have never overclocked anything before, but I am set up for it now. As for a case, I opted for the Cooler Master HAF 922, insane quality built case. I would recommend to anyone. However, as for being dust free I doubt. Then again I was looking for cooling not a self cleaning oven. Good Luck with whatever you decide, looks like a legit setup, the 580 is sic. Although, you may want to take another look at your PSU and make sure you have enough wattage, especially if you plan to SLI in the future.
  2. The Silverstone FT02 may be more case than you want, but it has been cool, quiet, and dust free for me for a year now.

    Three bottom mounted 200mm fans quietly move a lot of air through removable filters, up past your video card (the mobo is rotated 90 degrees), and out the top assisted by one exhaust fan. The positive pressure ensures no air enters the case except through the filters.
  3. More recommendations? Anyone?
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