Which os is better for gaming purpose?

Can any one suggest a perfect gaming OS??
Right now i am using Windows7 Home Basic.. But really wanna know if there is any better OS for gaming purposes specially??
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  1. No.
  2. Hello Arijit205;

    What kind of hardware do you have to work with?
    Is it the 32bit version of Win7 Home Basic?
    I'm thinking it's going to be pretty good for gaming. So much so, that it's not worth the effort to upgrade if you can work on upgrading the graphics instead.
  3. Yeah if it's 32 bit and you're a heavy multitasker it might help to upgrade to a 64 bit OS for more RAM, but I don't think it's worth $100 or whatever Windows costs these days. In short - no.
  4. as far as gaming is concerned your home basic is fine. if u want to get more appearance(aero desktop experiance)-that glassy translucent appearance, then go for the windows 7 home premium 64 bit or 32 bit(depends on maximum ram usage).but don't go for the professional and ultimate versions for gaming, as it is a waste of money.also if u want to upgrade, upgrade package frome home basic to premium is available-go for that.
  5. Windows 7 64bit Home Premium is all you need, and perfect for gaming.
    Win 7 32bit only recognizes 3GB when you install 4GB.
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit has a memory limit of 16GB.
    Professional and Ultimate have a 192GB limit.
    Most games perform better with 4-8GB of ram.(pretty much the norm in gaming builds)
  6. +1 to davcon. As each new game we see better game construction geared to take advantage of higher memory amounts. Also you video memory amount is seen by the 32 bit OS as part of it's memory limits, this decreases the seen amount of system memory. The drawback for you is you would have to do a clean install of all software and drivers. Also a backup of your data, pics., music and anything else you wanted to save. It is not hard stuff to do but does take time.
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