Best midrange mobo for new 3770k build?

not sure what mobo to get, i just bought a 3770k i7 from microcenter.

i have an ASUS p6x58d premium for an i7 930 that i built two years ago so im leaning with sticking with ASUS, but perhaps ASRock is better/as good for cheaper?

i also am getting one of the new intel 335 series SSDs....

i dont plan on overclocking much, but will get probably an H50 cooler or better.

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    this looks like a top candidate...will any of their pricier boards give me any features i might need?
  2. I might would check out the Extreme4 from ASRock. it has the features like you want for less and is obviously one of the best selling boards on newegg.. its sold out. Ah also the Fal1ty from ASRock is a considerable option
  3. ASRock is a subsidy of ASUS that makes budget boards. Fewer features, but better actual boards at low price points such as that.

    For that price point, I'd get the Gigabyte z77x-ud3h as my first choice and the ASRock Extreme 4 as my second.

    Don't use an H50. A closed-loop water-cooler will be MILES worse than an air cooler. They're noisier, less efficient, more prone to breaking, and almost guaranteed to hurt your system when they do break.

    Get a Hyper 212+ or EVO. They cool as well as that POS, and do it quieter, while being easier on your wallet.
  4. with the newer i7s do i need less power? i have a corsair hx850 running my i7 930...with a gtx 570 graphics card.
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