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Zalman 9900 MAX noise


I've recently build a new rig. My cooler is Zalman 9900 MAX. It cools just fine the problem is that it's making this rattling noise when at high speeds. I'm trying to figure out if it's a fan or a way cooler positioned on cpu. Is anyone else had same problem ?
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  1. Since it is cooling alright, that would suggest it is properly seated on the CPU. Since the fans are LED, I would open the case see if you notice any wobble with the fans.

    Noise from a Zalman anything is highly unusual.
  2. Try applying pressure on the cooler fan hub if you can.
    Couldn't hurt to try!
  3. @ tlmck
    I looked at it and it seems fine.
    Strange thing though it only rattles at certain rpm 29% to 37% .. so all I did is put minimum rpm at 38% in Fan Xpert :)
    what do you mean applying pressure ? and on cooler itself I don't understand
  4. If it makes noise at higher RPM, that generally means a flaky fan bearing. Once again, highly unusual for something like that to make it past Zalman QA. If it is really troublesome, i would contact Zalman. I have no doubt they would do a free swap out.
  5. only between 29 and 37 percent of full speed ( 1683 rpm)
  6. Oops. Sorry. I read it backwards. Now that could be normal for most fans. I have seen, case, and PSU fans have trouble a lower than normal RPM. The problem is, most makers do not publish the low spec. I have similar issues with the Coolermaster case fan and the stock Intel CPU fan on my rig. Both will emit a very low yet audible groan on low speed. I just set the min up a bit in the BIOS and it goes away.

    I still have trouble believing this of a Zalman product though. They use high quality ball bearing fans and are sticklers for silence. I am thinking you just got a bad one, for a Zalman anyways.
  7. so should I rma it or just let it rip :)
  8. It's up to you. If it were another company I would say live with it. But Zalman is nutso about silence in their products and I do not think you would have any issues with the RMA. Whether you send it back to the seller or Zalman is your choice.
  9. Now what if I just replace fan only. Don't really want to take out heatsink.
  10. The circular motor/bearing housing in the middle of blades = fan hub
    Try what i told you.
    No you won't be replacing the fan on a Zalman Max = not replaceable.
    Have to rma the unit.
    Why i never recommend them.
    Zalman makes good coolers but i recommend the 10X line = user replaceable fans and most can add a 2nd fan for push/pull!
  11. I've used one of those before and it was totally quiet even at higher speeds. Sounds like you got a bad fan.

    FYI, Zalman is really good about RMAs. I blew the fan on my Zalman CNPS10X Extreme and they sent me a replacement in no time. I didn't have to send anything in or anything. You should email them at the very least.
  12. Ok I did emailed em. I'll try squeezing fan hub
  13. So I tried squeezin hub of the fan. Tried tightening it more. Nothing helps. Also I'm not impressed with Zalman support so far. I have emailed them twice and called once and no response.
  14. madchemist83 said:
    So I tried squeezin hub of the fan. Tried tightening it more. Nothing helps. Also I'm not impressed with Zalman support so far. I have emailed them twice and called once and no response.

    Hm. Well when I sent in my original RMA form online, I had to wait around 2 weeks and thought they were just going to ignore me. But finally I got a reply and they were very good about everything after that. But I'd expect if you call they would respond a bit quicker...
  15. I just don't understand why would it rattle only at certain rpm. Also if I tilt it slightly it stops rattling.
  16. should I try remounting it ? right now it's positioned so it blows upwards .. maybe if I switch it to blow into the back it'll stop making noise.
  17. Maybe the bearing in the fan is loose?
  18. then what do I do ? can I open the hub and fix it or is it too complicated ?
  19. If you have the room, you should definitely try mounting it the "standard" way, blowing towards the back.
  20. Ok I'll try that. See if it helps. Also my core temps sometimes differ a lot. Does it mean that it's mounted bad?
  21. Best answer
    Not really, core temps are rarely close. Mine differ by around 6C or something.
  22. Mine will be like 46 55 51 52. So it's normal ? I'll check out how my thermal grease spread when I'll try to remount it.
  23. So I finally got responce from Zalman

    We apologize for the delay in response

    We can certainly provide with a replacement fan if the product is still within the warranty period. To further process your Small Parts Request, we ask you to submit an invoice or a receipt and you can do so in several ways:
    I thought it's non replaceable ???

    But I thought fan is not replaceable ???
  24. I think you just can't buy it off the shelf.

    Send them a photocopy of your invoice and I bet they'll send you a brand new fan in no time :)
  25. Will do.
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