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Need some help i have a Samsung SyncMaster2233, 120hz Nvidia ready 3D monitor. Now i know i don't have a Nvidia card but, will 3D work with this monitor, and what will i need?
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  1. Why did you start 4 threads on this?

    If you got a monitor that supports nVidia cards, you need to buy an nVidia card.

    There are other monitors for AMD/ATI solutions
  2. This may or may not work, but from what I've read, it sounds as if it will, but you'll have to buy an adapter.

    This month, AMD has been working on new drivers that supports displayport for AMD HD3D. This will allow AMD's 3D solution to work at 1080p60hz per eye. Your monitor has a DVI-D port. If you can get a displayport to dual link DVI adapter, you should then be able to use it. Be aware, you must get a dual link DVI to displayport adapter, and they aren't the cheap ones.
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