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I use a graphics card GeForce 9500 GT 1024MB DDR2 128B, and a motherboard a880g+ biostar, when I change my operating system from 32 bit to 64bit i get BSOD all the time, and to get rid of those BSOD's i have to take my graphics card out , what do i have to do in order for my graphics card to work ? if you want anymore details just ask , thx.
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  1. Check that you have the correct graohics drivers (64-bit).

    Remove all traces of Nvidia and associated drivers.
    Download latest drivers 64bit drivers of Nvidia site.
    Do fresh install.
  2. so take my graphics card out install my 64 os then download 64 bit drivers , put my graphics card in ?
  3. because if i leave my graphics card in i even get BSOD's whilst installing the 64 bit system , :(
  4. OK wait, post ALL system specs please.
  5. AMD PHENOM x970 3.4ghz
    MAXTOR ATA HD 160gb
    8gb Rams 1333mhz
    9500gt geforce graphics card
    PSU 400W
    A880g+ biostar motherboard
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