Decent Graphics Card for Media PC hooked up to tv w/ HDMI

I'm looking for a decent graphics card for a media PC. It's only job is to be hooked up to a TV with HDMI or go through to a networked WD Live Media Player connected to my tv. Any suggestions? I will do no gaming what so ever, and the motherboard I have does not have on board video. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend much, about 150 at the most, trying to keep it budget. Will be using a p8p67-m pro and a sandy bridge i3 more than likely. Thanks!
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  1. Either the GeForce 550Ti for around $130, or the ATI HD 6770 for around $100 would be great choices for you. Both have HDMI outputs built in, are great cards, and will handle any bluray or digital video file you throw at them with ease.
  2. If your not gaming you don't need a 6770 or 550ti.

    Is $20 too much?

    Are you aware that the i3-2100 has integrated graphics on the cpu? All you really need is a mobo with HDMI.
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