Asus Maximus V Extreme Build -- Clueless on Ram Config

Hey everybody,

I am building my 3rd rig in 10 years and I have been rather out of the loop for at least three years. I have purchased all of the following but am missing the ram to complete it. The Maximus V Extreme can take up to 2800 (OC). I have never overclocked but intend to have some fun with it now. I have looked at everything from Corsair Vengeance 1600 to G. Skill Trident 2800. What would you all recommend for this build. Are the Dominators and Ripjaws any better than a straight-up ram without the shiny colors? This is kind of a showy build so it couldn't hurt to build the Ripjaws into it for example. But I'm just clueless on how much is too much for real world applications. I play some games but really this build is decked out just for fun. I am a trader and really don't need all the horsepower. I do run 4 monitors running charts and video. Also, 16 or 32 gb of total ram? Please advise. I have the following already:

Coolermaster Storm Trooper
Corsair AX 1200i
Asus Maximus V Extreme
i7 3770k
2x EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2gb
Corsair H100i
OCZ Vertex 4 256 gb
OCZ Vertex 4 128 gb SRT cache
Western Digital WD Black 1 Tb x2
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
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