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After having it for 6 months, I finally decided to give Aqua GT a try.
For those of you who have never heard of Aqua GT, it is one of those
instances that is a PAL only release.

So here are my impressions of it.

As the name implies, it is a racing game on water - sort of like Hydro
Thunder, but less exotic.

The game's graphics are quite detailed and it runs at a steady 30 FPS
(or 25 if you actually have a PAL display). The boat models look quite
nice (and there are quite a few of them) and the water looks pretty good

But despite the fancy graphics, this game just isn't all that fun.
Perhaps I've been spoiled by the madness that is Hydro Thunder, but Aqua
GT just doesn't seem to cut the mustard. The arcade mode is insanely
difficult (they give you a set time to beat the course, and unless you
race perfectly, you ain't gonna make it - even on the easy difficulty on
the first track).

Championship mode is a bit more forgiving - there are no time limits but
the AI boats will capitalize on any mistake you make. One of the things
that made Hydro Thunder so appealing was cool courses littered with
secrets. There are no secrets in Aqua GT, and the courses are pretty
standard fare - basically all revolving around rivers and canals in big

Sadly, the game is missing any sort of rumble feature. The only genre
where I feel rumble has been used to any great effect is the racing
genre - and its a shame to see it ignored completely in this title.

If you absolutely love boat games, I guess there'll be no stopping you
from getting this one, but otherwise I'd pass on it.
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    Nice thoughts, Ben. Heh, when I first saw the title I thought it was
    some punk mocking me. Then I saw it was you and I knew it wouldn't be
    like that. Sounds like you have more writeups coming -- I'll continue
    to check them out! :-)
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