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I am currently working with IT in schools and would like some guidance regarding this question.

Working in schools the domain clients normally are location in sets. For example i may have ICT Suite 1/2/3 or Lab 1/2/3 each consisting of around 30 or so machines.

Some time i have the need to log on to all machine within one certain area. typing the same username and password 30 odd times soon get very boring.

I'm currently using Server 2008 with Vista and Win7 clients.

Can anyone help?
Thanking in advanced,

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  1. Quote:

    NetMeeting which is free, there are other
    tools (but with costs involved) such as techinline.com, teamviewer.com,
    logmein.com, etc.

    None of those will allow logon to several PCs at once.

    What do you mean by logon to the computers at once? You probably need to automate whatever you are doing when you need to logon to them more than find a way to logon to 30 computers at once. You still need to switch between them all to do anything anyway.

    There is no logon tool that will log you on to several computers at once, you may be able to write a script that will fire off a remote connection with a pre-filled username/password, you can use vbscript and write in keystrokes and keypresses to fill in the info. So you'd type in your username, hit Tab, type in password, hit Tab, hit enter, and so on.

    You can also create a new remote connection shorcut for each PC, save the credentials for them and then run them all at once.

    Although I find it hard to think of a case where you would want to actually connect to that many computers at once without using tools like SMS or LANDesk to control the computers.
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