580 with more RAM or Clock?

Should I get a 580 with 3GB RAM with 772MHZ 3GB or 1536MB with 832MHZ?
1.5GB has 4200 memory clock, 3GB has 4000 memory clock. Thanks
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  1. Well are you talking about the MSI GTX 580 3GB Lightning XE ?
    Well, unless you're thinking of playing games at higher resolutions like that of triple screens or more, there isn't much use for it.
  2. What about future proofing? If I get one of these now, then when price drops in the future or when I need it, SLI them.
  3. What resolution are you at? That's the biggest factor.
  4. I have 27'' monitor so the resolution is a bit weird. Its 2560 x 1440, but I can play on 1920 x 1080 if needed.
  5. Honestly one GTX 580 is more then enough.
  6. But which one? More RAM for future protection or more clock for now?
  7. I'd get the 3GB at that resolution, many games use 2GB+ VRAM at that resolution.
  8. Ok, at the 3gb level I have 2 to choose from. 1 from EVGA at stock clock and 1 from MSI at 832. Which one is good? I know MSI will probably be better but I mean is it needed?
  9. I'd get the MSI, it will stay cooler and overclock better. EVGA is very well thought of, though, so you can't go wrong on this one, IMO.
  10. I have heard that it's possible to get a 3GB model at stock speeds and overclock it to a speed faster than 832 mhz. I'm just sayin'...
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