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Not sure if the on board sound card on my X58 SLI3 motherboard will support this but I need to switch the front left and front right speaker positions. I have a 5.1 Surround Sound speaker system but the front left and right speakers are swapped due to short wires and a long desk so obviously, this can be disorienting when playing games that make use of the 5.1 surround sound if im hearing a foe to my right when he's actually on my left. The rear left and right speakers are in their correct positions.

TL;DR I need a program, method, or something that will allow me to switch the front left and right speaker positions so my sound outputs correctly.

The wires are made stupidly so I can not simply plug them in to their opposite places. :heink: :fou:
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  1. Cut the connectors off the speaker wire further down, rewire as needed
  2. it's not like a normal surround sound system. It's a Logitech x530 the wires almost look like the WRY a/v cables. Problem is the Right side speaker uses a different connector and and has more wires

    (The right speaker plugs into the computer with the Green, Light Light Pink, and Black Output wires. The right speaker then plugs into the Sub. The sub from there distributes the sound to the remaining speakers. The sub plugs into the wall and powers the whole setup.)

    Moving that speaker (and or rewiring it) is physically impossible without deconstructing the entire thing.

    I can't be asked.

    There has to be some sort of software solution to this problem, I alone have two friends with the same issue. I have considered getting 3 extensions for each of the output wires which would be a makeshift solution to my problem but I want to know if there's an easier (and cheaper) solution.
  3. Why would extension cables be makeshift? It sounds like the obvious solution.
  4. DelroyMonjo said:
    Why would extension cables be makeshift? It sounds like the obvious solution.

    So basically you're telling me NO ONE has made a program or has any idea of a way to swap the output of my L & R speakers?
  5. If you can't swap the speakers, you might be able to swap the output coming out of the computer.

    Try hooking up a male minijack to 2 rca adapter to a 2 rca to female mini-jack adapter and simply cross the wires.
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    As far as I understand your problem, you wish to take the stereo output from the computer, and reverse the Left and Right signals prior to entering your speaker system? If so the above link is close but not entirely correct since the first link uses a mono 3.5 socket (i.e. "Tip.Sleeve" format, not "Tip.Ring.Sleeve) which would combine the Left and Right. EDIT: I noted it wouldn't leave you with a female 3.5 TRS socket, which is what happens when I don't view links correctly.. Apologies MagicPants :whistle:

    You require a 3.5 stereo jack (TRS) which feeds dual mono male or female, which is plugged into the opposite (female or male) and then into a 3.5 stereo jack (TRS).

    Similar to MagicPants suggestion:

    Buy one of these:

    Buy one of these

    Plug the 3.5 TRS jack adapter into your computer audio out, then hook up the RCA jacks at the other end of the lead into this adapter with the L and R swapped over. At the other end is the 3.5 TRS socket just like your computer but reversed.

    The only downside with this is that an adapter sits out of your computer, so if you can find a lead version of the adapter it will remove any stress placed on your MB outputs?

    Going back to your original question about the outputs, I don't have your Audio chipset so can't be sure, but on the preferences for the audio chipsets I've had there is typically an option to reverse L/R? Was wondering if you are running generic drivers or specific drivers for the 5.1?
  7. Doh!
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