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[suggestion] Which smps is needed for high end sli system

please have a look at here

I want to buy this graphic card an in future I want to make it sli system on purchasing another graphic card ..

and My point of question is
for this graphic card it is recommended 450watts

If I buy another card and make it sli then what Watts of power supply needed ..

Please suggest what kind of smps should I need to take now ..

I spend lot of time on net. Didnt get any answer yet

MY cpu Configuration :

i5 2500k ,Asus Maximus IV Gene Z, 2tb HD, 8gb ram 2133 mhz , Graphite 600t cabinet
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  1. Thanks a lot for your quick reply ..

    This site is awesome

    Please see I worried about Power supply .. can I handle 2 high end graphic card on these smps ..
  2. 2 X GTX 560s should do okay on that PSU. :)
  3. Please suggest me another smps which supports both sli and crossfire

    It was not at markets ..

    Thanks for your great help bro
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  6. Thanks a lot bro ..

    I am buying tomorrow Graphite 600t cabinet worth $250

    I dont know which cabinet is best for my combination ..

    can you have any alternate item ?
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