CPU running hot.


I have a i7 960 it idles at around 47-55C. It load on load it get up to about 80 but the highest has been 91. It's worrying me, because i don't believe a CPU is suppose to run that hot. I've tried to figure it out on my own but i didn't really come up with much but so far what I've tried is:

1. Refitting the heat sink (which is stock by the way)

2. Lowered room temperature.

3. Disabled unnecessary start up and running services.

4. I looked at the thermal paste which looks like some of it was gone so i ordered more of that to fill the spots needed.

5. Dusted.

And still my CPU is running really hot. Any ideas?
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  1. It could be a defective CPU. Things that are more likely would be insufficient application of thermal paste or an improperly installed heatsink. When your thermal paste arrives make sure you remove the old paste from the heatsink and CPU using some isopropyl alcohol. Look up methods that work best for applying thermal paste to your CPU and heatsink. Have you considered getting an after market heatsink fan?
  2. I've had one of those before but i was unable to play games, so I'm kinda thinking that it might not be that. The socket is a 1366 i was looking at some fans but not sure what i should be looking for.

    Do you think the processor is running to hot?
  3. Do what trispir suggested. The CPU is definitely running hotter than normal.

    As trispir suggested get an after market heatsink. When you clean the thermal compound residue, take the CPU out of the socket and hold the CPU by the edges upside down. Now use 2 or 3 alcohol swabs to carefully wipe off all traces of old thermal compound. Let the alcohol evaporate between swabs.
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