Amd phenom II x4 955 Can't see temps

Hello i'm having some problem at seeing the temperature of this cpu (amd phenom II x4 955)
i tried core temp, and cupid hw monitor can't see any temperature readings at all
i only see tj max 90C* and core 0C* on core temp

Don't know much about amd processors can anybody helpme to monitor my temps.

MB- m4a79t deluxe - latest bios installed
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  1. You can always reboot the computer and enter the BIOS and look at the hardware monitor. Alternatively have you tried speedfan this works with virtually all motherboards that I have tried it on.
  2. davcon said:

    i tried real temps before i forgot to mention it but it didn't work on this cpu message poped said it does not support.
    And i've found the reason behind why i can't monitor my thermal readings, it was because of core unlock. I disabled the unleashing mode and it worked but im not sure if theese temp readings are correct. Temps were like 60~67C*(with cupid hardware monitor) is this correct? Cuz I did a quick research on that and found +62C* for this cpu is dengerous or shorthening its lifespan. Is this correct?
    What should i do?
    And its not my pc it's my friends im just trying to help him but scared of messing his pc a little help is appriciated.
  3. In general I don't like to see my temperatures over 60C at maximum load, higher temperatures than this can shorten the life of the processor. If you are overclocking the processor you either need to get a better heatsink and fan or reduce the overclock. Also don't forget the ambient temperature, it is winter now and in the summer the room temperatures can be much higher the difference between the present ambient temperature and the maximum ambient temperature should be added on to the current processor temperature.
  4. the problem is it wasn't overcloacked at all. Actually if the unlocking cores means overcloak we did then revert back didin't have the chance to check temps again but i tried prime stress test end it had shutdown itself due to overheating also it has stock fan so prolly he will have to change the cpu cooler if he wants to unlock cores. Will check his temps tomorrow and post it here then if its over 60C* it will become a must to buy a new cpu cooler.
    I also checked cpu coolers reviews and tests for Amd phenom II x4 955 and found Scythe Mugen-2. Prolly this cooler will his next.
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