Does my mother board supports 2tb hdd

My Mother Board is "GA-G31M-ES2L" and i want to know whether my mother board supports 2 TB hard disk. Some say that my hard disk (2TB) will be damaged if it is connected to my motherboard and they said that my mother board has only compatibility upto 1TB is it true.
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  1. It should work fine
  2. Maziar said:
    It should work fine

    are you sure?? because i have already purchased this 2tb hdd

    and can i install and try it...Iam asking you because my friend told me that my HDD would be damaged install a non supported HDD into Mother Board :sarcastic:
  3. Hello sainath bandaru,
    Are you tested your 2TB Hard on your mother board? is it work well?

    I have another model of mother board(GA-8I915P-D) , what do you think? is my mother board support 2TB or higher Hard Disk???!!!

    please if you now tell me, tnx.
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