Building a Gaming Rig within 800$ (Help on Mobo,PSU)

Approximate Purchase Date: Start of November 2011

Budget Range:within 800USD / 1000SGD in my Country

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming( BF3, Skyrim and other hardware intensive games) to opening 50tabs on Chrome :??: , internet surfing,

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, HDD , SSD(unnecessary for me)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: am getting locally from stores.

Country of Origin: Singapore

Parts Preferences: no specific preference, instead i wanna know what brand do u guys suggest :)

Overclocking: Yes - CPU & GPU

SLI or Crossfire: No ( i've read that SLI&Xfire has its fair share of problems and if i wanted to , it would cost more from buying the PSU/COoler/mobo?)

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: none as of now

the parts i've been considering :

CPU+MOBO: Intel i5 2500k w/Biostar TP67B+ - $414 (intending to overclock this !)

RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill ValueRam DDR3 1333 - $56

GPU: MSI GTX 560Ti 1GB Hawk - $347 / TFII
or : HD6950 1GB/ 2GB

PSU: FSP Aurum 600W [80+Gold] - $139

HSF: Xigmatek Gaia - $39

Chassis: Coolermaster HAF 912 Advanced - $139

all these adds up to about 1100SGD, which is about 800USD,

this is what i have in mind now , i'm not too sure about the Mobo, Case , Cooler and PSU, so please leave suggestions for it guys :)
i want to OC the i5 2500k to the maybe around 4.5ghz?
and uh, currently i'm already having a coolermaster case , but im not too sure if still can fit all the new rigs, so how do i make sure of that? :o

and for the GPU, i'm open to suggestions as well, cause i'm abit stuck between the 6950 and 560 ti (though i guess i'll wait for awhile to see how these two perform in BF3 before deciding)
the 6950 seems to have slightly better performance than 560ti trading punches, but it seems to have heat problems?but it has 2GB advantage as well which seems to be important for BF3 and future proofing, and Ati seems to have issues with its driver? (correct me if im wrong)

and if i do go with 560-ti, which one ? MSI GTX N560-TI Twin Frozr II or Twin Frozr III (HAWK)

i've read a few posts and discussions from other forums saying Hawk runs quite loud?
i'm not sure which one to go since one is higher clocked than another but higher priced as well (by just 10SGD actually,lol)
if i do go TFII, how well does it OC to 1Ghz or even the Hawk's Clock?
is their performance difference in FPS very noticable or just a mere 1-2 FPS?

thanks in advance guys!appreciate all the replies!
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  1. I'd recommend the 6950. Having said that, unless you can't wait a month or 2, I'd wait until the HD 7000 series comes out. I've just built my pc and I'm wishing I had waited. I'll be selling my GTX 560 and picking up a 79XX for sure.
  2. yeah , i doubt i'll be waiting :/
    my current rig can only barely run BF3 at low settings at fairly low Reso
    and i thought the new series will only be out in Q1 2012 ? which is not even confirmed? and probably not anywhere cheaper as well :D
    any reason why u've suggest 6950? any problems with ur GTX 560?(TI?)
  3. yes, either the 6950, or the regular GTX560. If you are going to OC, dont spend money on a stupid factory OC that you are basically going to do anyways.

    You can get a Corsair HX750 for the same price as that thing you picked out, and its a better brand, and more watts.

    I would recommend the Hyper 212+ EVO for the HSF. trusted and around that price range.
  4. alright thanks, i'll go compare the prices of the parts u've suggested.

    alright i've checked,
    the Corsair cost extra $100 compare to FSP 600W of $139. is the extra 150W needed? i'm not planning to SLI/xfire but do want to OC.
    Hyper212+ only, there's no EVO around here :o , which is 10$ more exp than the Gaia,

    these parts should do alright when OCed right?

    and any input on the mobo and the Case?

    and sorry if my price is abit confusing, but the price is listed in SGD, which is $1.26 now
  5. ohhh, sorry, i thought you posted in USD. the corsair isnt needed, especially if you are not going to run CFX or SLI. On a budget, case and mobo doesnt matter as much, especially since no OC will be done. Its best to make sure the features like USB x.0 and your sata speeds are there, and thats about it. If you aren't OC'ing, you dont need an aftermarket cooler at all. its a waste of money, as the stock cooler is more than adequate.
  6. i do plan to OC the CPU (2500k) and GPU if possible
    alright , but there's just so many brand and models of Mobo i'm seeing here that is bundled with the CPU .
    any model or brand in mind? for OC
  7. OP is overclocking, so you will certainly need a HSF. The CM Hyper 212 is good for the price. I have my i5 @ 4.5 Ghz as well and temps at full load is 60C.

    I wanted the HAF 912 Advanced but it isn't on sale in North America! Lucky you! I had the HAF 912 standard and its a great budget case with good air flow. I returned it and got the Silverstone PS06. The advanced version is painted inside and has a side window, which is awesome.
  8. Asrock/Gigabyte Z68 GEN 3. I believe it runs appr. $145 for the board. Very good board, and totals around $365 USD/$460SGD. This will give you a huge margin for OC. If you really want OC potential, either the quiet Noctua D14, or the performance equal but louder Thermaltake Frio 0575 will keep anything you have OC'd cool.
  9. thanks for the suggestions , can i know which GEN 3 in specific?
    there's Pro 3 , Extreme 3 , Extreme 4, SGD488, 535,588 respectively
    i don't want to overstress the CPU and deteriorate its lifespan , so i guess i'll just settle for the average 4.5Ghz ~ most ppl seems to achieve
    Noctua D14 and Thermal both cost 2.5x the price of Hyper 212+ ,
    if possible and not that necessary , i prefer the cheaper route as long as i can OC the CPU to 4.5Ghz, that's what im aiming for
    thanks again guys for the fast reply,great community here!

    @ArChamps, wow that's great to hear, guess i'm confirming on that! erm, what are the chances that my current case can still do its job and fit all the parts into it? i'm not sure what case it is, but i've got it 4yours ago ,and its cooler master (if that helps finding the model :( )
  10. the 212+ will do fine, you might be a little shy of that 4.5GHz mark, but you will be darn close. the Pro 3 is plenty of MoBo as well, in fact, if you want to buy a plain P67 to save some money, that would be more than adequate as well. Hope this helps. Also, dont skimp on Thermal paste, get a good M2 from Arctic Silver, or the SGT-2 from Zalman. I like both, and they do the job! both are around $10 USD.
  11. yikes seems like i need to read more about OCing the CPU and on what to get
    didn't know have to get thermal paste as well , is it a must for all the OCers?

    from the site , there's quite a number of users sporting a Hyper212+ , and reaching about 65-70 Celsius, is that temp acceptable ? and around here , the temp here is quite high as well, going as high as 34Celsius outside in the afternoon,
    not quite sure on the inside, but definitely not 30C high

    alright 1 last question for the night , mobos, what seperates them ? mostly has usb3.0 already and what is like the popular ones ppl uses here? the Z68 E4 Gen3?
    some of the P67 is more exp than the Z68 Pro 3 mobo as well
    oh well so many choice so little time

    edit: hopefully get to see some user reviews on the GPU running on BF3 tmrw :wahoo:
  12. good thermal paste is a must for OC

    The P67 don't have onboard graphics, and as long as it has the features you want, you can technically go as "cheap" as you want. However, that will cut down on your OC capability.
  13. okay noted.

    2x4GB G.Skill ValueRam DDR3 1333 -SGD56
    2x4gb G.Skill RipJaw DDR3 CL9 1600Mhz - SGD99

    any significant difference between the two ram?
  14. think i'll just settle between AsRock Z68 Pro 3M or Z68 Pro3 Gen3
    whats your opinion on the PCIE 3.0? is it necessary ? if i do get the ivy bridge and PCIE3.0 GPU in the future, will i most probably upgrade the mobo as well?
    and the price diff between the two is 18SGD, which is about 14-15 USD
  15. based on a PSUCal, usage will be about 475W
    with I5 CPU and GTX560 TI both OC-ed
    so, what's the safe limit for the PSU?
  16. No. i would not go under a 650W unit. This will allow you to SLI in the future, without having to buy another PSU. Buy it once this time, and you can use it longer.
  17. alright i've found a fairly cheaper HX650W Corsair
    Final Build :

    i5-2500k + P8P67 - $490
    Corsair hx650W - $149 (Bell) / $195 (MXC)
    560-TI Hawk - $349
    Gskill ValueRam 1333 x2 4GB - $56 (i cant really find this in any price list, any idea)
    Hyper 212+ -$49 (pcthemes) / $59 (MXC)
    HAF 912 Advanced -$139

    ready to go ? btw, i just realise i don't have internal HDD, but i do have external ones 1TB, and will my current rig's internal HDD work ?
  18. Ok, if you can spend that much, go to and get the HX750. Same price if not cheaper with their deals, and it will give you some more headroom at 80+ Silver instead of 80+ Bronze. In fact, everything there is pretty much cheaper!
  19. yeah i know :(
    but there's far too many problems to face if i were to ship them here
    i would have get 3rd party service to ship the items to their warehouse in US first, then only here, the tax on item is costly as well actually, its based on the volumetric weight or something+ the tax, and everything
    just too much trouble
    and imagine i get a DOA parts! i would have to RMA whole way to US, which takes about a week, + few $$
    after thinking, i guess ill just stick to local . haha
    kinda envy u guys getting to buy everything at ease +cheap

    besides the price ive listed is in SGD, as well , forgotten to change it sorry

    and uh, about the PSU, my friends here have been suggesting a FSP 600W Aurum ?
    almost most of em here in local forum suggest that, it's gold , it's suppose to be better? (total noob about these)
  20. alright, i'll just go with the Corsair. i doubt half of what you've suggested is available anyway around here
    and er what's POS?
  21. Best answer
    piece of sh**
  22. Best answer selected by kakuta.
  23. HAHA! thanks for the BA. best of luck to you kakuta!
  24. haha alright thanks then, think i've got almost everything
    P8P67 should be fine?
    it should be possible to use my current internal HDD for the rig right? i already have a 1Tb External HDD, and i plan to get SSD later in the future when the price drops and when my internal HDD fills up
  25. As long as the internal has a SATA connector, you will be able to use the HDD for that board. i do not believe they have any IDE connection ports on it.
  26. alright think i'll just bring any parts reuseable along

    just got new posts, my local friends on forum suggest that the Aurum ones
    waste less electricity as heat compared to the corsair's bronze and the corsair being quite old model already?
    lol again in dilemma
  27. Kakuta said:
    alright think i'll just bring any parts reuseable along

    just got new posts, my local friends on forum suggest that the Aurum ones
    waste less electricity as heat compared to the corsair's bronze and the corsair being quite old model already?
    lol again in dilemma

    FSP makes excellent PSU's. So do Corsair. The difference between the 80+ bronze and 80+ gold is quite small, something like 5%. I would not spend to much time on it, as long as it's 80% in general you're good.

    I think that the Antec 750w Casual suggested is the best bet. If it's available, grab it.
    Dont forget about the DVD drive!
  28. ok, yes Gold is more efficient than Bronze. Usually by about 4%. So, in a 550W power useage, you are using roughly 611W compared to 640W. how long do you run your pc?

    If you use it on avg. 4 hours a day, that is roughtly $4.65 a year.

    If you use that 24 hours a day, that is roughtly $28 a year. Is it worth it? i dont think so. That is the difference in any bronze to gold psu. is it more power efficient, yes. not so much as to spend that much more on one that isnt a quality brand.
  29. by the way, im VERY GOOD at
  30. @striker, yes thanks, i think my current sony dvd drive should work as well? might just bring it along
    i dont think that's available and 750 seems too much for me, dont plan to SLI/Xfire :D
    @casual, ermm i don't quite get that part on about the calculations

    yes i think the only reason i can think of going for the FSP is just the efficiency
    while the corsair for the reliability
  31. ok, if you use a 550W power draw for your system (which is a little night but close), if you use your computer 4 hours every day, compared to 24 hours every day, that is the amount of money you would save going from Bronze to Gold.
  32. alright took me awhile after the original post before i figured out haha,
    guess i'll just prioritize the Corsair first then, then if only the Corsair isn't available only i will go for the FSP Aurum then, the brand might not seem all too bad afterall
  33. when is the release date on that? looks very nice!
  34. do i just go on with my Hawk or...?
    wait for it then the Hawk's price drop and profit??
    or wait for that ? what does GF110 does? what does more CUDA does?
    sigh. life of PC.
  35. ok, deep breath. Here is the morbid reality of pc's. Just like cars, the moment you drive them off the lot, there is something bigger and badder out there, and you just lost 30% equity off the top. Its a nasty thought to think, but honestly, its just the way it is. If it isnt that new Ti, its something else. go with what you like, and use it til you cant anymore, then get something to replace it.
  36. true, guess i'll go get this lambohawk!
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