+12v rail shows just +0.85 in bios and softwares

system specs:
MB: Asus M2N-E with 3001 bios ver
Processor: AMD Phenom x4 9550 @ 2.2ghz (Stock) with stock heatsink
RAM: 2*2gb Kingston pc-6400 800mhz
GPU: Gigabyte HD 7770 factory OC'ed to 1050mhz
HDD: Seagate 1tb 7200rpm 64mb cache Sata III
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 380W

it is quite an old rig which never had any issues, recently upgraded my HDD and GPU for occasional gaming on med-high settings. ok i know my cpu is holding back my system but it is more than enough for what i do.
after installing my card and HDD i installed OCCT to check my system stability due to weak PSU. i ran every test cpu,gpu,psu for atleast 6hrs each, and all went smooth without any error or bsods. but while checking voltages i noticed my +12V was showing +0.85 :o . and the other thing i noticed was when cpu was on 100% load vcore decreased gradually from 1.20v to 1.15v. i know software readings are mostly incorrect, but when i checked it from bios, it was showing the same +0.85v on +12v rail in bright red color. i've checked those readings by plugging another PSU but it was same, so ruling out my PSU as main culprit. i am worried for my card. if my mb or psu fries, the chances are my gpu will be going down with them.

second problem is with my cpu temp. under load my core temperature goes to 53C and idle at 31C, but cpu temperature is always about 10-15C higher. eg at full load, individual core temperature is 52C but cpu temp show reading as high as 75C.
other than that i've played battlefield 3 on high-ultra settings with 1440x900 res at 35-40fps and some other new games like COD:MW3 without any problems. should i be worried?
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  1. 0.85volts on the +12volts and it would not be running, most likely sensors gone bad on the board. Your temps are a little hot so have you tried cleaning the cooler?
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