E6750 dual core overclocking?

Hey guys, i have been a long time reader and any time i search up a question i always end up getting the answer from this site.

But i couldnt seem to find a answer to this question so i diceded it was time to sign up :)

I have really only just started getting into computers and due to being young i do not have much money.

I have just recently upgraded from a Pentium D to a Dual Core E6750, I did fine overclocking the Pent d and managed to get it from its stock 2.8 ghz to 4 ghz with only a heatsink.

I was looking forward to overclocking this one and i had read some reviews saying it could be oc'd to 3.8 ghz if done right but so far i have only been able to get it up from the stock of 2.66 ghz to 3.2, I read numerous posts saying that it could be put up to 3.5 with no voltage changes but if i put it even to 3.4 ghz the computer gets stuck at loading screen and i have to reset the cmos.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, Cheers in advance guys :)

Computer specs : Dual core e6750, 4gb crucial ram, Radeon hd 5570,
Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Motherboard and im not sure of the heatsink model but i know that it is a good one.
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  1. I really doubt a e6750 can go 3.8 or go 3.5 without voltage changes.

    I'd think 3.5 is as high as they'd go with good cooling and a slight bump in voltage.
  2. Oh sorry i meant to say it can go to 3.5 with slight voltage changes, Yh i tried tweaking the voltages accroding to an article i read but i still got the problem i mentioned, Any ideas?
  3. every cpu is different so OC potential isn't always consistent. All you can do is clock it as high as it can go while not seriously overvolting it.
  4. Well i think tomorrow i will look at some voltage recommendations and try putting it up higher.

    Thanks for the help mate
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