Looking for a good, reasonably priced Mid-tower case


I am building a PC for my brother. It will be used for office apps, Basic business functionality (bookeeping, etc), Internet access and of course photo / video storage.

I want USB3.0 ports, and am leaning towards a bottom mounted power supply. Ohter than that, since all of the cases seem to have toolless designs for drives / expansion cards, i will say that I returned a case from Thermaltake earlier this year because these tolless connections were just junk plastic - and i broke a couple. Any advice on a goo case with better parts that don't break so easy?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. toolless capability is bunk IMO
    How hard is it to use a screwdriver to install hardware?

    For quality office case have a look at the Antec Sonata lll or Sonata 4
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    Most completely toolless cases I've ever dealt with are horrendous. I was using a Cooler Master Centurion 5 in an office build last year and when I went to replace a video card, half the connectors snapped off on me.

    If you want really solid and sturdy cases I'd check out the Corsair Carbide series (I have the Graphite 600 and love it, but that will run you a bit more). The NZXT Phantom is also really nice in this department. If you're looking to stay low budget I'd check out the Cooler Master HAF 912, Antec 300 Illusion, and a couple of other CM cases - the Elite 430 and Centurion 500 (newer version of Centurion 5 before someone points this out).
  3. yay, antec 300 time :D hehe, check out some of the recent tom's system builder marathon pc's for some good case ideas, the ones in the low & mid budget builds should do just fine ;)
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