Which case?

i have been looking at some new cases for my custum built (because my old one kinda SUCKED). i can't find any that i like but then again i have a long list of requrements any suggestions on which one?

1. must be cheap (85$ or under)
2. must be mid tower able to support both a atx bord and a large graphics card
3. psu preferably top mounted.
4. at least 2 stock fans
5. good ventilation
6. want it to look good without out side windows or led fans
7 CANNOT be gigantic (has to fit withen my old computer desk)

sooooo yeah i relize its a long list but any suggestions?
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  1. I would say you could easily spare the extra $5.00 for shipping and get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112154

    It doesn't take long to find what you need. Just have to search...
  2. im liking it but it's on the borderline of my desk space so (it has a seprate compartment for the computer) which means to little panel on the top may be a real pain but i'll have to check.
  3. Why would you want a top-mounted PSU? That's less thermally efficient.
    There are many cases like this. Just trawl Newegg, sorting by lowest price and starting around $50, and check out whatever isn't too flashy for you. "ATX mid tower" is a Newegg category.

    On another note, good ventilation will be pointless if you stick the whole thing in a little wooden box in your desk. That could be a pretty serious thermal issue if you're doing a high-end build. Does the compartment have a solid back, or can the case exhaust? Can you post a picture?
  4. haf 912
  5. Top mount psu and shoved in a compartment = crippled thermal performance!
  6. my case would be able to exhaust and i was looking for a top mounted because i don't have much experince with bottem mounted casess (more like none at all) and if something went wrong i don't want want to have to buy something(im at the end of my budget).

    also my build is not high end at all (socket 939+ hd 4650 agp version).
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