HELP! Reboot Loop Sniper 3

I really need help with this :(

Im am new here and german so dont expect me to know what im doing :cry:

Well, either way heres my question.

I just bought brand new PC pieces to build my new Gaming-Rig.

BUT nothing is working.

I put to gether the following:

Intel Core i7 3770k @ 3.5 GHz with Ivy Bridge
Gigabyte Sniper 3 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 32GB Memory

Other stuff is not inmportant i think.

When i try to Cool Start ( Motherboard on isolators on my desk with PSU 1200W ) CPU + COOLER + RAM

The Motherboard starts for Max. 5 sec and then turns off, and keeps doing it like 6-7 Times and then turns off.

What is wrong with it? Please help me :( I have school tomorrow and i need it. :(( :cry:
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