Get another 6770 for SLI or new card?

Hey guys! So I'm debating on adding a 6770 to my 5770 vapor-x or just going with a new card. I want to be ready for the new awesome games coming out such as Diablo 3 and Skyrim, and preferably play them maxed or close to max. I will have an i5-2500 processor to go with it, still have to decide mobo and ram (open to suggestions of those too, but mainly looking for help with graphics).

Also, I would prefer Nvidia due to the problems I've had with AMD drivers, but won't rule out AMD. Budget is from 200-350 range, thanks!
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  1. get a better single card. what problems have you had with AMD drivers? i havn't had any.
  2. Woah there. Hold on to your 6770 for now. If you can wait, I would wait for the newer generation. AMD 7xxx series is suppose to come out by the end of this year and nVIDIA Keplar will be in 2012.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that the 7 series was supposed to come out this year, guess I'll wait for it, thanks
  4. get a new card such as a gtx 560ti or hd 6950, a lowend/midrange crossfire setup will produce terrifying microstutter.... read the toms HW article that was published a few days ago regarding this matter?
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