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Help please about zotac 560ti 448core

i want to know if my spec are ok to install zotac 560ti 448core
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  1. forgot to say my spec

    intel core 2 quad q8200
    gigabyte mobo
    2G Ram
    550 PSU

    think about to upgrade 4G Ram next 2 day. Please guide me.. :)
  2. What's the model of the PSU? That's very important. With 4gb RAM, I think you'll be OK. I'm not sure, though: what's the model of the motherboard? Gigabyte is a brand that makes hundreds of different boards.
  3. overclock.
  4. Yep.
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    PSU is more important than motherboard. If the motherboard has a PCIeX-16 slot, the card will work.

    A good 500 watt PSU will work. A cheap 550 watt PSU may not.
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