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Hi. Well I'm almost home and I have you all to thank. I've had ongoing threads in this forum concerning my computer that quit working when my landlord shut the power off at the panel. With your help I determined that the mobo had taken the hit and after seeking your advice on suitable replacements I am happy to report that the new mobo is in and everything seems to be working. Now I just need a little help getting it up and running.

The new mobo is different than the old one. Different chipset. The old one was a Gigabyte and the new one is an Intel.

What I need to know is if there is any way at all to save the currently installed operating system. Its Windows 7 and I bought the computer from someone who built it so it came with 7 installed already. I don't have 7 and I really hate to lose it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If I do have to reload the operating system I'll come back for some questions about that.
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  1. Installing a new motherboard, you definetely need to format your hard drive and install Windows again.

    Email me at and I might be able to give you something helpful.
  2. hi omnisome, i emailed you!! waz up?
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