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Corsair Tx650m (v2) Or NZXT Hale82 650m?

I am stuck between these two
The Tx650m

the Hale82 650m

The reason i need help is that i dont know about the quality of the Hale82 650m compared to the tx650m
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  1. tx has a few more amps than the hale
  2. The NZXT is not a bad unit but the Corsair is higher quality.
  3. I'd buy one of these before your choices.
    CORSAIR Professional Series HX650
    XFX PRO750W XXX Edition
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    Nothing wrong with the quality of the Hale82. It is the same as the Seasonic M12II Bronze 650W.
    As far as I know the Seasonic M12II 650W uses a similiar internal design to the Corsair 650TXV2, just with a modular interface. The 650TXV2 is generally seen as being superior to the TXM.

    The Hale82 has four PCIe connectors, whereas the 650TXM only has two, so if you want to be able to install two graphics card that each need two PCIe connectors then the NZXT is the better choice as you won't have to use adapters with that.
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