Gpu problem

hi guys i have some old componants I am trying to put together for my kids.

Intel D915gev motherboard
160gb ide hdd
1gb ram

and im trying to install a winfast px7600gt 256mb gpu

My problem is that when i insert the gpu my computer will not post even the onboard graphics controller does not post but when i take it out everything works fine again

im not really sure what to do next, i have tried changing the bios settings from auto to pci express but nothing happened then i had to reset the bios to get the onboard to go again

I dont have the driver cd but i did download 1

any ideas or fixes would be great thanks
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  1. Probably your PSU can't power it up.
  2. Could be a bad graphics card too, try testing it out in another computer first. Old components can go bad after a while.
  3. yip its fine was tested before i got it
  4. morganw said:
    yip its fine was tested before i got it

    check Ur psu connections and gpu connections and make sure u disabled Ur on-board graphics,it will work fine. :sol: simply to run a discrete Graphic card 3 things u have to do,1) to run discrete gpu u have a minimum 450 watt psu,2)disable on-board graphics before installing discrete gpu, and 3) putting the gpu in correct slot,
    :hello: make sure is that gpu works on PCie slot or AGP slot. :sol: :hello:
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